Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vegetable Fried Rice

  Hi all,
         Vegetable Fried Rice is my first entry and I hope its a good one to post. This is an easy dish which can be done in less time.All that we need is old cooked rice because it will taste good than freshly cooked rice.Nothing matters if fresh rice is used but rinse the cooked rice with cold water to make the rice grains separate.

Veggie fried rice


Onion - 1 (Medium and chopped)
Beans - 1/2 cup (finely chopped)
Carrot - 1/2 cup (diced vertically)
Green capsicum - 1/4 cup (diced vertically)
Red capsicum - 1/4 cup (diced vertically)
Yellow capsicum - 1/4 cup (diced vertically)
Frozen peas -Little
Gingergarlic paste - 1 spoon
Soy sauce - 2 tbsp
Chilligarlic sauce -1 tbsp
Tomatochilli sauce -1 tbsp
Greenchilli sauce - 1 tbsp (Optional for hot rice)
Oil -2tbsp
Cooked Basmathi rice -2 cup
Vinegar or Lemon juice

Coriander Leaves

Fried Rice


Chop the Onion and other vegetables.
Heat oil in a pan and add gingergarlic paste and onions and fry them well.
Add beans and fry well for few minutes and add  carrots and capsicum.
Fry them well and spray some water to avoid sticking in pan.
Fry till vegetables become tender,say for about 15 min.
Add frozen peas and salt and mix it well.
Add the vinegar and above said sauces one by one and saute it well.
If it needs to be spicier,then add greenchilli sauce. Its optional.
Let it be cooked for 5 minutes and add cooked basmathi rice.Mix it well.
Garnish with some coriander leaves.

Serving suggestion:

Serve fried rice with onion raitha and chips . :)

Fried rice with yoghurt

Hope all would like it . Please let me know your comments.
Have a happy cooking and eating ....:) 


SivagamiSampath said...

Hi ila,
Your food looks amazingly delicious i hope its when cooked too,the picture you have posted tempts to cook it.
Nice one...Keep posting ur master pieces...

ila said...

Thanks siva.....
Hope u had tried t .....
keep visiting and do post comment :)

தமிழமுது said...

hey dear...
cook ths fr me whn u come to IND..
expecting tht day!!

epdi irundha ila...ipdi maaritta...
expecting more frm u...:)

தமிழமுது said...

hey dear..
when u come IND..cook ths 1 fr me..
gud to see...
great wrk da:)

ila said...

Thanks tamil....
try t and lemme know ur comments ..

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