Monday, January 17, 2011


Welcome to my cookbook Cookerypoint - Ila's Kitchen. Hope all enjoyed the Pongal festival. I enjoyed this Pongal with my hubby. This Pongal was very special to me because I made out all the recipes and offered to God and obviously my hubby helped me in cooking...My previous Pongal festivals were different that I had eaten the recipes made out by my mom. So, obviously this Pongal festival was special to me that I made my Pongal Platter. Do you guys want to see my Pongal Platter ? Yup? Here it is....


This was my Pongal Platter. I was surprised that I cooked these recipes. Normally, Pongal festival begins with headbath, fasting and lunch after offered to God and Sun. The same was happened during this Pongal also. We kept fasting and  had lunch after our prayers. I called my mom and told about my Pongal Platter.
She was very happy and told me that she had missed my platter. My mom told my whole family that my daughter cooked three varieties of Pongal and vada sambhar. It was a nice moment for me and also for my mom. I dedicate my Pongal Platter to my mom because she is the source of my recipes.

My Pongal Platter contains....

Pal Pongal (or) Milk Pongal
Sarkarai Pongal (or) Sweet Pongal
Ven Pongal (or) Pongal
Masala Vada (or) Channa dal Vada
Arachu Vita Sambhar (or) Toor dal Sambhar

Hoping to share thse recipes in my future post.... Have a happy cooking and eating :)

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