Hi all

     Welcome to my recipe book. Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouragements are always welcome. My recipes are purely vegetarian and contain eggs as my family is eggetarian. All the recipes that i am posting here are tried and tested in my kitchen. My recipes may contain traces of nuts,egg and diary products. So, please take a look at ingredients and avoid if you are allergy to any of the ingredient. The spices and measurements in my recipes are according to my family taste. Adjust the measurements according to your taste. Basically, the recipes here are served for two to three people. If u have any queries ,please do post your queries to me. Try my recipes and post your comments about it.

Please Post your queries and doubts to cookerypoint.ilakitchen@gmail.com. 
I will be back to your queries as soon as possible.

Have a happy cooking and eating :)

Regards and wishes
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