Monday, August 15, 2011


Welcome to my cookbook Cookerypoint - Ila's Kitchen. I would like to thank Charitha of WomensEra2008 to provide me a chance to guest host her ARS Event. Alaphabet Recipe Series comprising of alaphabet from A-Z. I am guest hosting the alphabet E for Egg Recipes. Hoooooola hope its tempting and easy event to give your infinite entries. I am looking forward to your entries to make this event grand suceess.

Eggs Recipes are the easiest one to cook. This add protien and other nutrients to our diet.

Eggs can be used in different forms such as scrambled,fried,hard boiled, baked and poached.

There are many varieties of egg dishes especially from different cuisine such as Kerala, Tamil nadu, Andhra,Goa  and many other which includes the recipes such as Chettinadu egg curry, Egg Tikka and thokku.

There are many egg recipes which reprents their own regional cuisine which can be served as appetizers,maincourse and desserts.

So, numerous entries are expected from your kitchen guys. Entries are welcome and appreciated as well.

Event Details:

Event Start Date : August 15th 2011

Event End  Date :  September 5th 2011

Event Name : E-Egg recipes

Event roundup : September 6th - 10th 2011

Event Rules:

Eggs are manditory as the E for Egg is our event. Non- veg recipes are not allowed as the blog is completely vegetarian one.

Combination of vegetables can be used with eggs and regional variety recipes are welcome. Please do avoid Cakes as eggs plays only supportive role in baking.

The entries can be either from Starters, Maincourse and desserts. Two entries are allowed per blogger/Non blogger. Recipes from International Cuisine are always welcome.

Please use the logo in your post and do link your page to this announcement page which helps to spread  some words about the event.

New entries are appreciated and archived entries are accepted,if they are reposted with link and logo.

Please do email the following  details of your entry with subject as "E for Egg Recipes" to till Sep 5 th 2011.

Your Name
Blog/Website Name
Recipe Name
Recipe Url
Picture of Recipe : Small size

Non- bloggers are always welcome and send your entire recipe with picture to till Sep 5 th 2011.

I am looking forward to your tempting and delicious entries as there are wide variety of recipes and choices.

Happy Participating :)


Vidhya said...

Happy hosting dear.

Sobha Shyam said...

wonderful event dear...shall send some recipes..

Suvidha A. said...

Nice event!! Happy Hosting!! Will send my entry soon.

KrithisKitchen said...

Lovely choice Ila... would try to send in some..

Torviewtoronto said...

happy hosting will send an entry

Unknown said...

Long time no see Ila - good to have you back and happy hosting dear - will surely try to send an entry to your event

Unknown said...

Nice event and easy ingredient. Happy hosting!!!

First time here. I'll send my entry soon.


Torviewtoronto said...

sent an entry to the event
Zucchini herb omelette

Treat and Trick said...

Nice theme and happy hosting dear!

Deeksha said...

Happy Hosting dear!

Plateful said...

Sounds like a wonderful event, will see if I can come up with something. Cheers!

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

happy hosting dear..:P
Tasty Appetite

Akila said...

Hi Ila,

Have sent in my entries...

Dish Name Starts with J

Kalyani said...

Happy hosting and will participate .......

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Done dear. check this out

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